Monson Working on Pro-Russia Propaganda Film in Eastern Ukraine

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Be interesting to see the other side of the story, unlike the western media which only shows one side.


There’s been plenty of stuff on that region for years. Plenty.

Take your head out of your ass and find it yourself instead of waiting on idiots like Monson to make some propaganda films for you interviewing separatists.


“Their side puts out propaganda, but definitely not us!”


But Shirley it’s all Russian disinformation now, according to our trusted media.


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There are assholes in every country. Even yours. Does it mean your whole nation is nazis?

I have very personal connections to Ukraine and that area and live every day seeing how it affects people I care about.

The last thing I have patience for is fucktards on an Internet forum showing any level of support for what Russia has done and continues to do.

“But I’m just asking questions!”

Kindly go fuck yourself and get a life.



Sorry you’re triggered as fuck. I just want fair impartial news and you just want government propaganda. Got it.

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Jeff Monson reporting from Russia is your fair and impartial news?

Fuck off loser.

Haha my first triggered cunt of the day.

Cool guy triggering over mass murder?

Yeah, you’re a real winner.

Well Jeff will have plenty of fighters to interview once all the Chechen and Dagestan fighters get drafted into the Russian army.

Plenty of mass murdering by our empire over the years, why are you triggered now?

Thats funny cos the thing I dont have patience for is this exact sort of shit where people like you demanding people listen to the horseshit media.
America is responsible for this situation 100% . If you aren’t going to admit that you’re either an ignorant or an idiot


How many soldiers in the US military openly don modified Nazi patches as part of their uniform as they protect the president?

And you expect us to receive your takes as more reasonable because of that? Why don’t you leave the people a little further away from the action to sort this one out. You’re admittedly biased and completely incapable of being impartial because of that.

Fuck both of those of countries, I hope they annihilate the fuck out of each other out of spite for you.

Straw man.

Join the frontlines.

Anyway I want to apologize @Steven_McTowelie . If you have families and friends affected, I hope they come thru unscathed as much as possible and the innocents on both side will always have my support regardless of the leaders on both sides.