Monster better than xyience drink?

I just tried a can of xyience xenergy clear yesterday and then again this morning. I noticed that I do not get the same kick I do when drinking a monster while driving to the gym in the morning.

Anyone else find this to be the case as well?

I really dont like Rock star. But I have to say the xyience drink tastes MUCH better than any other drink Ive tried.

AGS = not good for the sport



low carb monster is excellent!

it kinda tastes like metal...must be good for you if it tastes like metal.

I like it.

All energy drinks are shit for working out though...but great for staying awake fucking around on the computer.

The reason Xyience doesn't taste right is because it is all natural it has NO sugar. Monster and all the others have like 29g of sugar in them which makes them taste marginally good.

low carb monster has 3g of sugar per can.

yeah sorry i wasn't including "diet energy drinks."

Monster Khaos and Rockstar + Juice are the way to go