Monster Energy drink

I drink about ten a week.

How long till i die? Phone Post 3.0

I used to hate them, but after I got deployed to Baltimore with the National Guard for the riots, I lived on them for a week.

Now I'm trying to kick them, but I don't drink coffee. Mio Energy is my new go to. Phone Post 3.0

Meh. Just drink plenty of water as well to avoid kidney stones and you'll be fine. Probably live longer tbh, that shits goooood Phone Post 3.0

Need more information:
Full sugar or lo carb?
Time of day you drink them?
Your weight and physical activity level?
Bank account information and full social? Phone Post 3.0

I drink 1 a day, most days. The green one is the best one.

whatupyo - I drink 1 a day, most days. The green one is the best one.
1 a day? All right, pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers Phone Post 3.0

pipeline punch is where its at. I also grab a liter of water for every energy drink I buy. Phone Post 3.0

Frozen lime with some tequila or vodka. Phone Post 3.0

I drink an absolute zero a few times a week, I love them. Phone Post 3.0

Does anyone remember the bfc cans Phone Post 3.0

I get no kick out of them anymore tbh I just drink them for taste
We just got the ULTRA ones in the Uk
And the white one is just sexual I can drink one a day easy

I drink 3 litres of water everyday though so I figure that counter balance it Phone Post 3.0

I drink 2 a day ... Ultra zero sunrise and rehab tea.

Is good Phone Post 3.0

There is no better mimosa in the world than one made with Ultra Zero Sunrise.

Step your game up Z Phone Post 3.0

I just quit drinking 1 a day about 2 months ago and I've switched to coffee. I use a sweet and lo to sweeten the coffee and no cream so it is lower in calories and saves a few bucks a day, coffee is free at my office. Phone Post 3.0

Santros - Does anyone remember the bfc cans Phone Post 3.0
I sold them. Worst idea ever next to monster mixxd. Phone Post 3.0


No thanks.

Those are the ones with sugar, the sugar free are not that bad. Phone Post 3.0

Its weird, most of the monster drinkers I know are the least active people. I work right next to a monster distributor and they send out a million trucks per day, making the local traffic wait. It is annoying as fuck.

I love the Monster zeros in the white can. I drink one every morning I work. Phone Post 3.0

The Monster Peach is the best! Taste just like peach juice and only has 30 calories.