Monster Hunter 2

Anyone playing this? I was debating on whether I would pick it up or not as my next game for PSP, but never played one before.

Seems very, very... Japanese.

What's the verdict on this game?

I am playing the first one for the psp MHF. It has renewed my love for RPGs, I seriously can't get enough of this game. Yes you are a Monster hunter, but the monsters are hard to beat and there are all kinds of quests, items, weapons, standard rpg fare.

Yea, I keep getting my ass kicked. I have no idea what I should be doing lol

boom! take that bulldrome!


i'm stuck on Khezu

I'm a major Monster Hunter Addict. Playing a lot of MH Freedom Unite on PSP and it is dope! Can't wait for MH3 on the Wii this March.

Invalid, take the hammer to Khezu. Superpound him when he shoots lighting and you can also pound the tail when he does his electric field attack. Just don't get too close.

Yea, Khezu is my bitch

I'm stuck in Tigrex right now. That guy is a right bastard!