Monsters of MMA comic book

In the theme of Halloween you guys might get a kick out of this comic I do called Monsters of MMA. Check out the first issue here though this will soon be moving to my main site which is

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Working on a bunch of new characters and would love feedback on what names sounds better.

Here's a couple new ones that will be coming out over the next couple weeks:

Mayhem Killer

The Diazaster Brothers (Nick and Nate)

Rich Franklinstein

Randy "the Unnatural" Suture

Gabriel Godzilla

some names I need help with:

Cheick King Kongo or should I do King Kong Man Choi?

Mirko Cro Chop?

Layoto Machete?

 Nice concept.

Looks pretty good.

I am too old for comic books, but...

Well done. 

jushintiger - George Slit Your Pee Pee Off

Nice try jushintiger but I ended up doing Gore St. Pierre - you can see him on the Facebook link above.

I want to do one of Chris Leben so what do you think of Chris Cat Smasher or Chris Crippler?

Hey guys - been forever since I posted but I'll be much more active from here on considering I've got a Kickstarter coming this September - here's the teaser trailer for it

So,basically you only post when you want something?