Montana allows Trannies to change birth record

It’s only temporary, until the tranny kills itself.


100% that judge putts from the rough

havent a lot of D’s moved there over the past 10 or maybe more years, and to just the big cities, unless they were billionaire wanting to play they were cowboys like ted turner

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God, don’t remind me. I have to drive in to Missoula today and am not looking forward to staying there for a few days. Some of the areas even look like little California.


It has been longer than 10 years, but yes the western cities are lousy with liberals. Luckily they all seem afraid of anything outside the cities, so you don’t get them wandering outside of their little bubbles too often.


The Republicans pushed for this? Or you are an idiot.

Only two options available here.

Imagine kids born today are going to normalize this. SMFH.

Stay off Reserve street. Take ya over an hour to get from the interstate to 39th.

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oh so you’re a giant hypocrite. thank for clearing that up!

Yeah I have no issue with this either. When they start doing away with ‘male’ and ‘female’ on all records and certificates is when I get uneasy

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I don’t have to like it but that is some serious embracing of liberty

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i seem to recall a article i read where the locals were pissed as fuck that all the billionaires row jerkoff would dress up in western attire and head to local watering holes to mingle with the rabble and sq dance or someshit trying to be like ordinary folks.

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simple fix - change gender to sex on the birth cert… they keep telling sex is hormones gender is how you feel

You just described Governor Chokeslam.

Rich east coast asshole who thinks us hicks should be greatful for his presence. He only cares about monetizing our resources to enrich himself and business cronies.
Doesn’t understand Montana at all.

I guarantee he doesn’t know how to find an elk on public land, let alone how to process one.

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Fucking crazy. A birth certificate is a factual document and a persons sex is based off of chromosomes, not a mental disorder.

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Clearly option B.

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Not sure how your pedo ass jumps to that conclusion, other than you are fucking retarded. I live in a conservative community, in a conservative county, away from shit stain libs like you. We don’t have any trannies here, except your mom when she drops by to get gang banged by the natives. Fuck yourself pedo boy.

Start prescribing the morning after pill for them too!

Oh wait ?



I haven’t lived in montane since the early 90’s I need to brush up on their politics.