Montanha Kansas City seminar

Don't miss the chance to train with a Gracie Barra Black Belt. Daniel will be in KC this weekend.


it's JP

He's having a seminar in Springfield MO Saturday which is about 3 hours from KC.

Once again Montanha put on a great seminar. He's probably the most laid back BJJ instructor i've ever met. Two purple belts, David and John, came down from KC with Montanha and were great guys to hang out with. I'd recommend training with them in KC.

Thanks for the great time guys. We will have to start training together
more and get a tournament planned.


Dave and John is good peeples.

What up Dave?!


How are u? u hear the big d is fighting mma?


Papazoom Dave!

I think i'm still tasting that Irish Whiskey!


Ah such good stuff. Washes down a lot better with a purple belt, don't
you think?