I just wanted to take a moment to give a HUGE thank you, and big ups to Monte Cox for being a stand-up guy and putting all of us on this card.

Despite the opinions you may or may not have about Monte because of the fighters he represents, I think he deserves a warm round of applause from the UG for what he has done to make the UG Grand Prix a reality.

Thank you, Monte. Also, thanks to Kerry Schall and Todd Carnes.

Big thanks to everyone associated with making the UGGP go from an idea to reality.

Monte is the man! He has done lots for many fighters and helped many get started!
Big Props to the main man!

He told me that most of his guys, from Matt Hughes to Roger Huerta, he picked up when they just had about 3-4 fights. Look at these guys records now!

Like I said, you may have opinions about him because you don't like some of his fighters, but the guys client list has about a win percentage of like 85%. You gotta respect that.


Monte is the man

Monte is great for the sport IMHO.

Moose has become rather loved, cherished, and adored by the UG. I think it's kinda sweet.

Seriously, he is a helluva guy.

TTT for that assgrabber !

monte is good for the sport, always has been.


"monte is good for the sport, always has been."

Can't deny that.


Monte revived my dream to fight last night. Forever I will thank him.

Monte Cox is good people. Never met or talked to him personally, but I've heard him numerous times on MMA Weekly Radio, other interviews, and have talked to other fighters abotu him. Monte = good for the sport!



TTT 4 Monte

Good luck to all the fighters!!!


Standing Applause for MONTE COX! {U 2 MountainMedic}


who is fighting rothwell