ttt for monte

stands to the long slow 80's style clap!!! Like you see in any John Hughes film!

Monte rocks! Best manager in the biz.

The Pav wishes he was the Monte

Monte has been around for along time, and always put me in there. Great guy and a man of his word

ttt for monte

monte rocks he will take good care of the ones who treat him right

Monte rocks. Great guy and very good for the sport.

People who know me also know I'm not in this for recognition... that being said, thanks for the nice comments. Now, please send $5 to my PO Box...

ICE will be running the same time as UFC, but the dozen or so TVs at Metropolis will be showing the UFC while our fights are going on.

Rothwell's opponent (for IFL Finals)will be decided on Friday.

first time I met Monte was back in 03, when I was new to the sport. I rode with Clementi to pick him up from the airport. Rich said, "we gotta go pick up Monte." I asked him who Monte was, he said, "Monte is the guy that makes big things happen for guys like us."

Best manager in the sport. Great promoter. Good friend to a very good friend of mine (Clementi).

ttt for the Godfather ...

Monte, thanks again for being the man you are. You being you was the difference in me fighting tomorrow or not. Bernie Profato said he'd go the extra mile for you. That was after he told me "No, sorry about this. There's nothing I can do."

I am most appreciative. My dream will come true on Saturday. And hopefully the fight doesn't turn into my nightmare!

Good stuff, very cool on Monte

Monte gives the best handjobs in MMA, IMO.

J- read what Monte wrote. plus the UFC will be on replay for like a week anyways.

but Bryan has been the one pushing this. I just happened to know a few people to point him in the direction.

where's all the strippers??!!!!!!

Strippers? Did somebody say strippers?

monte rocks!

Monte was great, I appreciate everything he did to help make this happen.

He took a chance having the UGGP open up the ICE show and I don't think we dissapointed, I really don't think it was a bad show for a bunch of guys who've never done this before.

The crowd was great and I had a fantastic time.

TTT for the Godfather.