Monthly awards ceremony

So, after much studying, I have realized that I am by far the second best poster on here. With great power, comes great responsibility! So I'm going to use my massive popularity to spread cheer, and give you all goals to chase!


From now on, I'll be giving a monthly awards for funniest post! Each month I will choose ONE and ONLY ONE post for funniest post! This month we have a tie between...



Too rude: "did you not notice that giant cock falling out of the diaper?!" - inappropriate gender reveal thread.




Bearstare: "Ill ask the jackalope" - from the man with a tail thread



Either of the inaugural winners wanna make a speech? Please do! 

Lemme know what your opinions are on these great quotes!

This isn't the bathroom

Chimonos Revenge - This isn't the bathroom

Who made the quote, what thread? Pay your respects to those who cracked you up son. 

densefog -

You going to start another failed gay crew next?

Yo densefog! How you doing today buddy?! Quit being such a grumpy dickhead. You're an awesome guy, don't be afraid to show it you big dicked beast you!

Dragunov -

The 'I ate it' post on the PJ pizza thread was the funniest I've seen for a while. Cannot remember the poster.

Congrats to whoever made this comment! Please step forward and receive your credit with pride!

Dragunov -

It was Thrill Hammer. Come get your credit you big dicked beast.

Lmao. Come get it thrill hammer! Speech!