Monthly BLS Job Data

So I missed or can't find the thread from the conservative members of this forum about the monthly job report with them yelling MAGA!1!1!1!!!11

Can someone help me find it? Or did they not make one because we saw August's job total revised down by 38,000 jobs, plus a loss of 33,000 on top of that for September?

We have now added 1.118 million jobs in the 8 months since Trump took office. The record 7 year streak of consecutive months with job growth is over. For comparison, during the same time period last year, we added 1.671 million jobs. During that period in 2015, we added 1.785 million. In 2014, 2.055 million. 2013, 1.542 million. 2012, 1.130 million. 2011, 1.394 million. The last time we added fewer jobs during that 8 month period was 2010, when the labor market was just beginning to grow following the recession.

I don't think Trump has any clue how to MAGA.

It's clearly illegals taking the jobs bruh

2 major hurricanes during September.