Montreal Grappling sponsors Canned Food Raffle

Canned Food Raffle! @ The Beatdown NoGi Tournament & 8 Man Invitational

We also work alongside charities to help build better communities. By organizing a raffle where an unlimited number of tickets can be bought for the cost of a can of food each, we hope to make a sizable donation to those in need by the end of the day. There are multiple winners allowing for everyone to be enthused to partake in the raffle and do their part.

Prizes range from fight gear packages to video games!

MONTREAL GRAPPLING is proud to announce sponsoring the raffle and attempting to step up to do its part.

Don't forget to confirm your presence at the tournament, get those you know going to confirm as well, and LIKE our page:

Get the word out and spread our page, we are not a business as much as we are a brotherhood of grapplers.