Moon Landing...B.S. or not...

I really have a hard time believing we really put a man on the moon.

When I saw the ship at the museam of Science and Industry in Chicago it looked like a converted toaster oven covered in tin-foil. The buttons...well everything looked like a stage prop/third grade science project.

I think I have more technology in my wristwatch...

With as much trouble as we have just orbiting the earth with all of the technology we have nowadays
it's unbelievable that we walked the moon and came back almost 50 yrs ago.




The Debunkers have been debunked by People using scientific Explanations and Demonstrations.

The Conspiracy Theorists continue just to using their Selective Reasoning Loops and stubborn Refusal to use any scientific Method whatsover.

We can do these one by one.

Whatever all of that meant....I haven't researched anything and am the furthest thing from a conspiracy freak.

Just asking for the general personal belief on this subject.
If you want to give us the arguments on the subject from both sides I'm all about hearing it.

Interesting that the mighty Soviet Empire never tried or could debunk our moon landing, but fat, white 35 year old virgin conspiracy nuts born years after the event happen "can".

if we never went there, where did the moon soil come from

(and its proven to be from the moon because of the material thats in it, from some sciene show on discovery lol)

Why would all foreign nations including Russia say we did it if we didn't? Does that make any sense to you why every other country in the world would support out claim?

It's not a theory, just a personal observation.
Like I said, never researched it.

Didn't realize that many Russian news papers were sold here in the U.S. 50 yrs ago.


The Flag Pole had a Rod above the Flag to help keep two Parts of the Flag still. In other Words, they didn't completely frame in the Flag w/ four Sides leaving two Sides to move freely.

EVERY single Time the Flag is seen to flap, you will notice that one of the Astronauts is handling it. The Flag NEVER flaps when no one is touching the Pole.


" Didn't realize that many Russian news papers were sold here in the U.S. 50 yrs ago."

Huh? If it was a hoax than every country in the world has kept it secret for 50 years.

Na, from what I'm seeing a lot of countries have called b.s.
I was just making an observation that at the time about the only foreign new's might have been the BBC.

After the wall fell and Russia chilled out this was seriously old news.

I'm not in anyway saying that it didn't happen.
I'm just saying that after looking at the craft it was hard to believe the thing could fly to the next block besides to the moon.

The current space shuttle is fkn huge and covered with all sorts of protection etc. How many have we had problems with? Minor things fkn everything up.

I'm not sure how this thing even made it back into the atmosphere without melting like a plastic spoon in the microwave.

It was a huge hurdle for our country and it's pride.
It was an awesome accomplishment for mankind.
I've never doubted it until I saw the craft.
I was truck looks like it could take more abuse.

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So you are saying, "I, who have no technical knowledge outside of maybe my wristwatch, DVD player, and computer, just don't think it could have been possible because the lunar lander doesn't look hi-tech enough?"

It sounds pretty similar to the creationalist saying, "I, who have no in-depth education in evolution nor grasp of the scientific process, just think humans are too darn complicated to arise from lower lifeforms."

Basically. Never said I was MENSA material, just making an observation.

I would say that putting a shuttle up and bringing it back intact is why they have so many issues compared to the earlier "rocket up and crash land down space travel".

djdb, I've never used any name other then my own.
Actually I've mostly just said Congrat's to a shit load of promotion threads. Been on this board since back in 96' when it first started. This is like my second time posting on the otherground I think.

Wasn't a troll job, just wanted peoples off handed opinion about this. It turned into a science project for some. Cool with me. Maybe by tomorrow I'll be a true believer.

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"I would say that putting a shuttle up and bringing it back intact is why they have so many issues compared to the earlier "rocket up and crash land down space travel"."


Thought the footage of the SEAL's jumping in and pulling them out was kinda cool. Met one the guys that used to be part of that progrm, pretty cool guy.

That there are items left behind on the moon, including a US flag(who else could have put it there?) that can be seen from Earth with instruments kind of proves it.