Moose is no longer loose!

He just said ugly hairy ass

Angry Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

Oh yeah, you got a nice bubble butt? Let’s see it!


This, do it, don’t be a fag

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moose juice lol
he sounds like hes getting all his clever replies from the internet
hes pretty funny
“van paige”

after this interview, i’d call him the most likeable fighter


He wasn’t always like this was he? I don’t remember him being this outgoing. Was always a fan regardless

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I don’t know about always, but he was pretty funny after his first fight with Machida.

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It depends on who hes talking with. Theres funny shit from him from 8+ years ago.

Helwani just knows how to bring the best out of Moose

He is such a funny dude
and gives no fucks

Long Live Gegard The Goat

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Sub for later

This dude is awesome. Been around for a long time. Funny interview? Looking forward to it.

Rogan get him on!!

I wish he stayed in the UFC.