Morales v Hernandez

Good fight coming up next weekend on PPV. Definately a better deal than that bullshit hitting the air Friday night.

Anyway, I got to go with Morales by mid to late round stoppage. Hernandez is a tough SOB but I've seen him severely buzzed by the light punching Stevie Forbes and he hit the deck vs the unheralded Moises Pedroza.

I think if Morales can deck and hurt Chavez he can get "Famoso" out of there.

Also, on the undercard you got Rafael Marquez vs top contender Heriberto Ruiz.

Picks anyone?

Morales. I think Heriberto can outpoint Marquez. Hater, you gotta admit that youre curious at least to see how Tyson looks against Williams. I saw a picture on fightnews, and he looked ripped.