Mordenkainen and the circle of 8

anyone that knows a lot of dnd could help me find out about this group of wizards. i would like to read about their stats and items?

anyone know which greyhawk book this is in?

thanks.!!There was an AWESOME module, can't remember if it was 2nd or 3rd Ed. D&D, but it was about Vecna (the arch-lich, the one with the Eye and Hand that were relics in old 1st and 2nd Ed).

You play the beginning of the game as the Circle of 8.


You all die no matter what you do :-)  The idea is to scare the shit out of you so that when you take your PCs against Vecna, your attitude is "Holy shit this dude just waxed the Circle of Fucking 8, how the hell do we take him???"

Hold it - just Googled it - it was called "Vecna Lives!"!

sweet, im going to dl this

had all of them except mordenkainen, thanks

Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure, now known as Maure Castle:'s_Fantastic_Adventure

I used to own that module...



Old school Greyhawk sites have ALOT of Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight stuff.

Try here:

and here:

These are two of the best Greyhawk resources on the web. 

great resources


you know any sites for other campaigns? dragonlance?



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