More belts in AEW?

With more and more wrestlers crossing over should there be more belts?

They are doing a trios title and a lightweight title at some point. I don’t think they have the depth to have any more women’s titles. A lot are signed but damn are they green.

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IMO definitely not. I’d like to see a HW belt and tag team belts. Maybe, a US or intercontinental/TV/etc belt, but no more than that. The value of a title is its scarcity. If everyone is a superstar or a champion, then no one is a superstar or a champion


Agree. Heavyweight, TNT champion (renamed tv champion) and add a US/IC type but id name it the North American Heavyweight championship and go old school huge with it like it was in the Midsouth days.

AEW needs to stay away from a cruiser title or anything to do with a lighter weight imo. They have smaller-ish guys as it is but put a title on them that brings that to even more attention and they get labeled. Darby Allen is a great example who would be in that category.

Sure you can work out of it, like Jericho did but it does put a label on them. Even today Pac from his Neville days is looked at as a lightweight guy, fair or not.


I liked WCW’s CW title with Kidman etc.

This 1000%. Maybe instead of having a title be about weight you make it have an age limit to showcase the younger guys. A cut off somewhere between 25 to 27 maybe depending on the ages of their younger talent.


Or how about a “Rookie” champion where you showcase your rookies that have less than 2 years (arbitrary number) experience and you aren’t able to challenge for any of the other titles until you have at least 2 years experience or have successfully defended the rookie title a set number of times and then yiu can move up.

Also, id like to see them borrow from NWA with the stipulation that with 20 successful title defenses of the TV title (or TNT), I dont remember what the actual number is, you automatically get a televised championship match against the heavyweight champion.

I could see them using something like this for Cody to get back into the AEW championship picture again. Even have a crossover where he beats the NWA TV champion, has a long string of defenses and he throws the curve that he has now met the criteria that he has won a heavyweight championship match for TV and the contract only says heavyweight, not the organization and he challenges for the AEW title. This would go especially over if MJF had the title during Cody’s TV title run.


They have the right amount of belts. No need for any more mid card or lower card belts.


Inserting the NWA Women’s, NJPW US titles is plenty. I bet we see NJPW Strong and NEVER titles appear similarly by year end.

Dynamite Diamond and Women’s Tag Cup are good annual events.

No need for more singles or tag titles, long rumored Trios title sounds great.