More BS stories....

So I go w/ my wife to this xmas party and we run into the guy who coaches a local wrestling team. We get to talking and I tell him I used to train at Gokar's from time to time. He procedes to tell me how him and his wrestling team used to go in a beat their asses all the time. When I asked if he new any of the permanent fixtures there(i.e. Karo, Manvel, etc) he said "Oh, I didn't know any names, I just know they couldn't compare to my guys"

I know I'm not the only guy this happens to. It's amazing how someone will completly fabricate a story just to impress people.

I mean, it's okay when picking girls up, but to some random guy like me?

See, typical bullshit.

Seriously, call them on it... It's great fun.

Ask for details and once they try to push it off on someone 'Oh, I don't know anything about it, so and so told me about it' tell them: "Well whoever that was sold you a line of bowlsheet'

Good idea.

I just went with the "Yeah, whatever" response. But seriously, how many of you have met someone that has kicked a Gracie's ass?

It doesn't count if you've met Sak.

There was a bouncer at a bar I went to a few times in Montreal who told my he did "vale (pronounced like valet, the guys who park your car) Judo" (like Judo).

"Really..." I said.

"yea, I used to train with Rickson (with an "r").

I asked him how long he was in Brazil for, and he got a little stunned (he had no idea I knew anything about was he was talking about), the he told me he had train with Rickson while he was living in Montreal for "a few years".

I just said "Uh-Uh", and walked away.

invite him for an attitude ajustment via Gene Lebell

I never kicked a Gracie's ass. I must be a loser.

Yeah, I never kicked a Gracies ass either. I have taken out several members of Team Quest with my Take-my-dough Ridge hands, axe kicks, and chi blasts. Oops.. forgot to mention my pressure point strikes.

there was a guy i went to school with (PITT) who told me he
lost to vitor belfort in UFC. i then told him i trained rickson
during the summers and that i knew for a fact that he didn't
and he still claimed that he did.

i called it on him one night and he disappeared. never saw
him again.


I knew a girl who started training in TKD from a guy she said had claimed that he used to fight in the UFC as a "runner up". She told me his name and of course, it didn't ring a bell.

My brother in law met someone at a comic book shop who also claimed he was in the UFC. He lives in Maine near Bangor. The only fighter I could think of from Maine is Tim Sylvia and I doubt it was him.

God I love these stories. Reading shit like this keeps me honest

"vale (pronounced like valet, the guys who park your car)"

I thought it WAS pronounced like that

Nowhere, I think it's more like valley than valet (va-lay), although the two are fairly close phonetically (especially for a lazy speaker like myself).

Aahhh - I see. Well, they're similar enough in my thick Oirish accent.

Anyone else? Is that the definitive pronuciation?

Come to think of it - Mario Sperry surely says 'Vale Tudo' a lot in his tape sets. Must go have a look.

Of course it's the definitive pronunciation of the Portugese, as it came from a white boy from Tasmania who's never been anywhere near Brazil.

A local high school wrestling coach came to class a few times about two years ago. He got schooled pretty bad, even got pinned under amateur wrestling rules by one of the guys and tapped like a couple of dozen times at least. He now claims that he beat all of us except the one guy that not only tapped him but also pinned him, and he claims he drew with him.

I have actually considered confronting him about this bullshit a couple of times.


freestyle_judo: Every single time someone at a UFC, Pride or any other show has mentioned vale tudo they pronouce vale just like valet (car parking attendent). I have never in my entire life heard anyone pronouce it valley tudo.

I just read this on another thread by forum member gold dragon (speaking about mike tyson)

"I cant punch harder, but I can kick harder than he could punch. Mike did come to my gym one time when I was training at Kokopelli's Kickboxing and NHB.
2 low kicks to the leg to get him to lower his hands followed by a high left round kick to the head.
The match took about 55 seconds."

1 wrestler i met said he beat ricksons son - who was long since dead