More clothing sponsors added to UFC’s banned list

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                                Additional clothing sponsors added to UFC’s banned list

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how sad.

ruining the sport one day at a time

what a bunch of pricks.

cqjnell - ruining the sport one day at a time

they've been doing this shit when they came out with TUF. they turned it into a fad that just makes money.

wow - way to pay your fighters shit then disallow them from making money from sponsors!!!

that sucks. henderson is sponsored by 1more round and he is fighting at 100. i thought highes was part owner of 1more round as well, no?


 wonder what happens to the cut men like "Stitch"?  He always wears OMR and he is not employed by the UFC....


 I really hope that this is the beginning of the undoing for the UFC if this is true.  This is ridiculous.  What if those sponsors had enough money to pay a fighter $3,000 but not nearly enough to pay the $100k fee to pay the fighter the $3,000? 

UFC is about the fighters.


And the fighters get fucked over again................

 ...waiting for the shill to explain why this is actually good for the fighters...

What's the company line here? I understand the probable underlying greed and control, but how can they spin this?

 UFC has got to have their hands in everything, just keep F-N the fighters

 Like we don't all know where this going.

FIghters can be sponsored by TapouT, Hitman, or anyone who pays the mothership a fee

FSMA - what a bunch of pricks.

Misedukatd -  ...waiting for the shill to explain why this is actually good for the fighters...


 It's because they have grown a monopoly horizontally.  UFC seems to be involved with clothing sponors and supplement companies..that puts sponsors in direct competition with their business.

To be fair, it shouldn't be that big of an issue.  NBA players can't pimp brands all over their jerseys.  NFL players can't even drink anything besides Gatorade on the sidelines.  I think sponsors can still sponsor fighters and use the exposure from the fighter to make money.  I've watched the UFC since i purchased UFC 1 on PPV and I've never purchased something because a fighter had a brand name on his shorts.

Conversly though, I'm sickened by the amount of advertising on cage and canvas in the UFC right now.  It's distracting and classless.

 That is just messed up