More commercials next time please!

Holy hell that was annoying.

Where was Lyoto vs. Heath by the way?

I'd rather get a few people together and pay for the pay per view next time.

It was way too much right?

i was wondering where that fight was as well.I dont have a problem with free tv giving commercials But I dont like giving long commercials inbetween rounds.1 minute commercials is fine .It takes away from the flow as a fan IMO.Over all any free show is great.Having the cheasy college girls commercials wasnt good if u want this to be considered a sport.

It was free?

Oh, never mind then.

It was the greatest thing ever on TV!

5 fights, 3 hours, 2 fights over in the first, one in the second. C'mon meow!

it was a first and no doubt theres room for improvement.Got to give Spike props for putting it on free.Fights and matchups were great.Only problem IMO was the trashy commercials and long ommercials inbetween rounds

I'm with you Fabes, the first fight (Kongo/Silva) went the full 15 but when I looked up at my clock I realised 45 minutes had gone by. I looked at one of my buddies and said "damn, so, how about that new Nick Cage movie?" "nah, I'm all about the Vinnie Jones, Stone Cold one". And we all had a good laugh, but yes, it was worse than a UFN event and only slightly better than the UFC's we all pay good money for.

I appreciate that it was free and they have to make $$, but that was a lot of commercials. At least on the fight nite shows you only have 45 seconds of commercials between rounds not 3 min.

And show all the headline fights!! I don't need to see a replay of TUF... again.... with 20 minutes left in broadcast time.

Would've liked to see them at least work in the highlights of the undercard fights.

Two of the undercard fights could have been shown in less than 5 minutes and would have gone a long way to take the sour taste left in the viewers mouth after Arlovski and Werdum put the place to sleep. Also, I'm glad they didn't show Lyoto vs Heath if it was a nap inducer.

It was free but 5 fights in 3 hours?


I heard the Machida fight was a snoozefest so I am glad they didn't show it

At least let's have more different commercials... how many times can I watch Sponge Bob No Pants.

How is that even an appropriate commercial?


I don't have any friends so I channel surfed.

The Machida fight was very similar to the Arlovski fight.
Was like the Koscheck / Sanchez fight, The Hardonk / Mccully fight, only they were on the ground.

Here's what we (me and a few friends) got for $45

CC vs Gonz
Arl vs Werdum
Machida vs Heath
Liaudin vs Siver
Congo vs Silva - Majority of fight was boring I thought.
Bisping vs Elvis

For $45 I got one extra, somewhat boring, fight.



DVR bitches! commercials become non-existent

That Burger King commercial should be banned.

"I'd rather get a few people together and pay for the pay per view next time."

And that's what they're trying to make is do.

That was way too many commercials.

"We're back from break to let you know we're going... back to a break. Stay with us on SpikeTV!"

"I don't have any friends so I channel surfed."

You got one right here friend!