More Competition Questions

Okay, this one is regarding the back mount.

If someone takes the back of their opponent, but does not get the hooks in, instead takes a figure four about the body (See Machado in ADCC) do they still get points for rear mount?

Second Question is regarding Guard passing.

If I pass someone's guard and they roll to the knees to avoid the passing points, then about 20 seconds later I turn them over and take side mount on them or north south, is it considered a guard pass?

do u mean body triangle? is so i think u still get the points. and if you dont, who gives a fuck you have body triangle

NFC: Body Triangle, whatever you want to call it.

You might look on to see what the rules state on both points. I think you'd get points for the body triangle, but I don't think you'd get pass points if the period he turtles is that long (30 seconds). I think as long as he establishes himself in a turtle, it pretty much negates the pass attempt (in sport terms).

Someone else can probably confirm or deny these points.


to get the back points, you first need to put your hooks in the thighs. After you score the points, you can do whatever you want. If you take the back and immediately triangle the body, you arent supposed to receive the points (although some refs screw this one up).

As for passing the guard, if he turtles and 20 seconds later you put him on his back, you get the points. Again, refs screw this one up to, especially if he turtles for a long time.

Andre: Okay, thanks for the answers... I don't agree with the first one so much (since it seems that everyone is using the body triangle now) and the second one I see screwed up all the time.


I have never understood why you get rewarded for going into someone guard but under bjj rules, you do....For example, if I take a guy down directly to side mount, I only get two points, however, if I take them down to their guard and then pass, I get five points.

This makes no sense to me, isnt it better to bypass the guard all together? and if so, why isnt it rewarded that way?

MM: I've never understood that either. Actually, I've never understood the logic of the rules for Comp BJJ.

But that's the greatest example: Why do I only get 2 points if I take someone down and land outside their guard. They should just do away with the passing points and just give 2 for sidecontrol.

The another one that baffles me is the accumulation rule. Why do I get points if I go from Mount to Backmount to Mount to Backmount? I keep scoring 4 that way every time I switch positions.