More Contender Nonsense

Let the show die already. It was somewhat entertaining, but I dont want to have to keep watching these guys fight each other.

ESPN is hitting rock bottom in terms of the quality of their Friday and Tuesday shows, yet they are spending money on the Contender and were giving Main Events big $.

EXCLUSIVE: ESPN to pick up Contender Season 2?
By G. Leon

Special Thursday Night Fights On Setpember 1 featuring contender stars!

July 14, 2005 - Reliable sources have informed that ESPN will pick up The Contender's second season, however, before season two begins, Boxingtalk can also be the first to inform you that a special broadcast of Thursday Night Fights will take place on September 1. The card, which it appears will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be littered with contender stars. The televised seven round bouts are looking like Alfonso Gomez-Peter Manfredo III and Ishe Smith-Jesse Brinkley. At first the Contender brass were looking to stage a Mora-Manfredo rematch with Gomez taking on Jeff Fraza, but for reasons unbeknownst to us, Mora, the contender champion, has been removed from the card. will continue to keep you updated, REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT FIRST! (1:50 PM ET)

i hated that show and stopped watching it mid season

Other than the fact that they edited the fights, I enjoyed the show. The Latin Snake, Peter Manfredo, and Alfonso Gomez were all pretty decent fighters.

i thought the sound effects for the punches were retarded, and the constant deal where the coaches would yell "this is for all the marbles" when the guys were doing challenges 100 yds from them and couldn't hear them at all just seemed stupid.

also EVERY SINGLE guy crying when he lost got old fast

They did a good job with some of the story angles, but the editing was deceiving. Some of those fights were not as close as they were portrayed, and the sound effects were silly.

I liked the show and so did my girl so they managed to find a way to get my gril watching for me.

I'd like to see Mora move on and fight other guys.