More Democratic voters favor socialism than capitalism in major shift: Poll

Imagine that, a year of free handouts while we kick the repercussions down the road boosts the popular opinion on socialism… Who could have imagined!? And when the bill finally can’t be ignored anymore and comes due, they’ll blame capitalism because they’re fucking retarded.

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no shit

That’s because they are all retards

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If anything, that’s proof of our failing education system. Which if they were smarter, they’d realize is another reason not to want socialism

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the Commies played the long game and won

The business of Socialism can be quite profitable if you play your cards right.

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This. When kids are being indoctrinated in k-12 grades that “capitalism” is bad, this is what you get.

If you ask the questions differently, without referring to either capitalism or socialism, you get a different outcome.

Breaking: the average American Dem voter is fucking retarded. News at 6.

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30+ years of mass medicating with SSRI’s along with a new mass media distribution system that even Orwell couldn’t have dreamed up, and this is what it gives us.