More dire warnings about the VAXX

This is Dr. Bhakdi.

Here are his credentials and their findings:

We herewith present scientific evidence that calls for an immediate stop of the use of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines. We first lay out why the agents cannot protect against viral infection. While no positive effects can be expected, we show that the vaccines can trigger self-destructive processes that lead to debilitating illness and death.


Towards the end of the video, it sounds like their findings were similar to Dr. Ryan Cole’s:



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How fucked am I that any negative about the vax makes me smile. On the flip side. If true, vaxed folks are fucked.


I hope it’s not, but Holy shit the level of I told you so will be biblical.

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This Bhakdi guy has been pretty prominent throughout the covid mess. He’s gotten a nice amount of negative press as well.

Following the publicity accorded to Bhakdi’s statements and publications regarding Covid-19 during 2020, the Gesellschaft zur wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften (English: Society for the Scientific Investigation of Pseudosciences ) named him as winner of the 2020 Goldenes Brett considered as the “most astonishing pseudo-scientific nuisance” of the year.[68]

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More medical research and debate to stifle.


Isnt it expected at this point that many if not most medical professionals, Doctors and Scientists who disagree with the official narrative are going to be attacked?

I translated the article you linked and thats almost exactly what they said:

Bhakdi has become a popular interviewee and a permanent guest on Corona discussion programs and, as an infection epidemiologist, is regarded by many people as a scientific authority, even if his thoughts are far from established doctrines. “This is grist to the mill of all those people who celebrate themselves as ‘lateral thinkers’ and claim that science cannot be trusted,” the skeptics emphasize.

For her, Bhakdi also illustrates the phenomenon of “false balance”: In the media, attempts are being made to give similar weight to different opinions. “This makes sense if both opinions are justified. But if one opinion is based on scientific facts and the other is not, then one must not pretend that both are on an equal footing,” the statement reads.

Its strange when they say that their opinions arent based on science.

Clearly, they are…

Unlike Fauci et al, the Doctors and Scientists challenging the official narrative want an open debate.

Look at the players in all of this:

  1. Government, who has a well established history of lying and is run by special interests.

  2. BIG Pharma which has paid billions in fines and settlements over lying.

  3. The media, which is essentially a government mouthpiece and beholden to their BIG Pharma advertisers.

  4. Or Doctors, Scientists and other medical professionals who have nothing to gain by putting their careers and reputations on the line to speak out against the establishment…



Dude, I agree there’s a hell of a lot to be skeptical about for the reasons you mentioned but lets not pretend that there are only trustworthy scientists on the anti side.

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Idaho’s finest

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Save your vaxx cards boys! You about to get a refund!



At this point, the people who took the vaccine all know that they are fucked. They are pushing for the unvaccinated to take the vaccine so that they can be fucked too.

It’s like a drowning person grabbing onto someone else to drag them down with them.

Those of us who refused this vaccine need to stand firm because things will get a lot worse before they get better. There will be camps. There will be an attempt to forcefully vaccinate us. People will lose their jobs and homes. We just have to stand firm and outlast these walking dead. Once they all start dying off, we’re free. Theres going to be a lot less people on this planet and resources are going to be so plentiful once billions die off. What about that empty house right there or that exotic car over there… Nobody owns that. That whole family is dead… Claim it for yourself. Might as well.