More Durham Indictments Coming Today???

So much is coming out. Kind of feels good to be somewhat confirmed now

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NoNeed4aScreenName -

So much is coming out. Kind of feels good to be somewhat confirmed now

Lol, no shame

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Dont forget this. 

How many are ready to see how much they have been lied to and fooled by planted stories....

Former MI6 spy in hiding 'from the Russians' over Trump dirty dossier made £1million in two years while working undercover supplying FBI with information as he cracked open corruption in FIFA 

  • Christopher Steele's British-based company uncovered corruption at FIFA
  • Company accounts reveal it recorded a profit of more than £1million between 2015 and 2016
  • Revelations uncovered by Steele's firm Orbis Business Intelligence led to the resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter
  • This work gave credence to his reporting on Trump's entanglements in Russia


Could this be the bullshit New York company steel created?

Now I need to reexamine millions role. Could Steele have just decided to throw millian out there as a decoy. 

Would explain how Sergei knows about Tatiana Duran and how he filmed a meeting with the state dept.

Dragon FISA

Just a thought here but could Steele have also been responsible for the dodgy dossier and that was what led to his ousting from MI6?


NoNeed4aScreenName -

Aside from evidence in 2020 of the tired old Steele dossier from 2016 being "juicy", why is he only "seeking" to have it de>

Or have you, Barr, and your Twitter dolt forgotten that Trump gave Barr himself full de authority for all of this stuff back in May 2019?

Sources... so who knows 

In similar news though