More dvd's you lazy bastid!!

Bolo, get off you butt and make some more instructionals. I'll buy anything you produce as long as you're not wearing socks!!

Come on everyone, get on his case!!

Methinks the latest DVD would be Junior Jen popping out of Nina........ :-)

I won't be making anything new for a while. I am working on converting all my current videos to DVD.

Sweet! TTT for pin escapes on DVD!

TTT for the rest of the Guard series on DVD... :)

I've already converted almost all my videos to DVD. I have the masters made. It is now just a matter of saving up enough money to pay for duplication.

I'm hoping to have the pin escapes videos on DVD by the end of the year.

Let us know when "Ultimate Guard 2" (Intermediate Closed and Open Guard) is ready on DVD. That is by far my favorite instructional!

Neckcranku just guarded (albeit intermediately) the correct :)

How long is the running time for "Ultimate Guard 2"?

When will the guard series be available on DVD? Do the DVDs play in Australia?

Have you ever given any consideration to purchasing a standalone DVD duplicator? A friend of mine bought a 50 disc capacity duplicator/printer for under $2000. I believe there are also single disc duplicators for $500 and less. I don't know how much you and others who produce instructional DVDs have to front for duplication services, but if it's exorbitant, one of these devices may be something worth looking into...

I don't think those machine duplicate in DVD-video, do they?

I think we're using different nomenclature. DVD-Video is just an application format, as is DVD-Audio. This, as opposed to the physical format such as DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RAM and so on. Of course, these are all standard recordable formats that are available using any duplicating device. There is a difference between "duplication" and "replication" in the DVD industry - "replication" is the process of professionally creating pressed discs. I think the equipment for the latter costs a shitload...


I believe you are correct, and that Bolo wants to have all his DVDs replicated (pressed).


Bolo, how many DVDs would comprise the pin escape set?

I was able to put the 7 tapes onto 5 DVD's.

I'm hoping to have the pin escapes videos on DVD by the end of the year. :)

I thought all bjj BB were rich :)