More Evidence of Chuck+Tito BFF!

Okay sorry I know there is a thread deicated to this however I am but a lowly mud-namer and as such my search options are limited!
There has been some discussion as to the legitimacy of Tito Ortiz' claim that he and Chuck were good friends and swore not to fight each other before the historic LHW title bout.
I found a video on youtube that may lend credence to Mr.Ortiz version of events!
It is a long video(and in french)but if you skip to the 27:45 mark the video shows a clearly excited Tito jump over the cage and give Liddell a congratulatory, nay, even brotherly embrace for winning his fight with Kevin Randleman.
Proof of Tito's honesty? Not quite but that and other evidence suggests that BLAF and Liddell plotted and ultimately Chuck betrayed the special friendship, the bond that only fighters and champions can experience and share.
FUTA1, IMO was telling the TRUTH!

I'm high as balls right now.