More Evidence that Dana Is BLAF!

"At 36, White could pass for a fighter himself--stocky build, square shoulders, and deep, dark eyes that can fix you with a hard stare"

Bald, Lactose-intolerant, Asymmetrical, Fidgety?

Mr. Clean is more BLAF than DW

BLAFD (built like a foreign diplomat) IMO

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Dana is he world's most dangerous boxercise instructor!

To fight in the main event of a UFC, you have to fight Dana, and last at least 2 minutes.

That's a UFC press release, but it sounds true.

Does Dana remind anybody else of that kid that got his ass stomped daily in school, graduated, went into some field, be it president of a major company and just picks on everybody and swings his wang around like he owns the place?

I say bring back a highschool bully and watch him hit the corner and cowar



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CRE...I don't think anyone is taking anything to seriously on this thread. It's just 9 to 5'ers making silly jokes to other 9 to 5'ers.


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Did you get picked on for your spelling in highschool?


BAHAHAHA, actually, i type around 90 wpm, and i dont spell check everything. you honestly care? grow up

^^And the President.


"whats a BLAF?"

There can be only one.

fix u with a stare?

he could b a great veterinarian