More Fights April 9th?

So im hearing Thacker and Leben are fighting, which Thacker was a Light Heavyweight and Leben is a Middle, so that makes no sense.

where are the rumors coming from?

is there a scorecard leaked already?

Well he was a very small LHW so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Plus the fight makes sense.

bsf where are you getting this info and dont say cause you said

bah whatever then its probably bs


i just want some facts

saucely33 (or something similar to that name) i believe works for the ufc (could be wrong:)
stated that all of the contestents would fight on the final show although only three fights would be shown
shamrock vs franklin
and the two finals from the show

I just called Gibson Pankration and spoke to ryan Diaz. It is confirmed that Thacker is fighting Leben.
Apparantly, Thacker has been training there while TUF has been on TV. He said Thacker has decent Muay Thai technique but his overall game definitely need more attention. I'm looking forward to seeing Thacker have a stand up war with Leben.

So who else would change weights if this fight goes down? I guess it would be another LHW dropping down to even out the matches?

If Mike loses, I'm sure he'd cut down to 185 to fight in 04/09

Isnt Sandford look a little big for a middleweights? I'm guessing hell be in the LHW and I remember in the beginning of TUF show, the Tuf site had him as a LHW and Thacker as the MW.