More FREE sheet!

Who wants more FREE shit?

What kind of free shit do you want?

What kind of questions should I ask?

I have plenty of answers but I want to hear what YOU are thinking...

To be included in the next FREE giveaway you NEED to post HERE on this thread to be able to participate.

I have received offers of donations to keep these FREE contests an ongoing thing here in the Memorabilia Ground so always keep one eye open and watching because you never know what will be passing through here on any given day. The next contest won't start for a couple weeks but I want to generate some interest early. Everybody that is a member on the UG can participate, not just the collectors. It will be easier to win if you are a true fan of the sport but everybody is welcome to give it a shot!


  1. I do.
    2. Anything but posters or DVD's. Personally I'd like passes, programs, gloves, shirts, shorts, coupons to vendor sites, etc.
    3. Questions that challenge EVERYONE but not something that can't be researched.

I do like the posters.
also, gloves, shorts, and such.

  1. Me!

  2. Posters, DVDs, Signed MMA gear, Shorts, Used MMA gear from pro fighters?

  3. Questions that are challenging...which doesnt take 1 second to find on google.

    Props to fightpimp for hookin all of us up with a chance to win MORE free shit...

 if its free its for me.....duh

 I love autographed posters. Actually, I love anything free mma.

Posters or programs but I would appreciate anything

Loved my last batch of free shit, why not add some more!

Posters are great, programs would be cool to though, maybe gloves also

As for questions, I thought identifying the autographs was pretty cool

OK people, our first donor has been confirmed! Take a look HERE for a sneak peek at what you can choose from! Yes, you can choose ANY one of the items for sale on the website for FREE!!! My personal favorites would be the Shonie Carter or the Tito Ortiz sets...

And this is just the beginning... I just sent out a few more emails asking for additional donations so we will see who responds with what... keep your fingers crosssed!!!......FP

 All of the "FREE" items mentioned on this thread will ONLY be given to the WINNER of the next contest......FP

 FP for an asshole, ur a good guy!

I already have the 7 disk Ortiz set and it is great.

AGJ -  FP for an asshole, ur a good guy!
Arias, coming from you, i'll take that as a compliment!....FP


 I already have the 4 disk sets of the following:

Tito Ortiz

Razor Rob

Chuck Liddell

Joe Lauzon

great dvds!



can't wait, hopefully i do a bit better this

I like things that are free.

 I'm still waiting on answers from two more vendors and then we'll be ready to roll......

 Fightpimp the poster just arrived yesterday.... (Dream 3) and its Beautiful!!!!!

now I just need a frame ahha

Your poster just arrived yesterday?

Canada Post dogsleds are getting slower and slower...