More Impressive: Elvis or Sakara?

I don't know what is more impressive - the beating that Sakara delivered or the beating that Elvis was able to take.

Sakara is complete. That guy threw some wicked body shots. He strikes with very bad intentions.

Elvis has become one of my favorite fighters due to his heart and willingness to give his all.

Zuffa give us more of both of these guys, please!

I haven't seen it.

I think Elvis is a tough bastard! He freaking trains with crocs and koala bears and shit.

Seriously I'm a big Elvis fan and I think he deserves to be in the UFC

Being in the UFC and winning in the UFC are separate matters. Sakara
looked like a killer in that one fight till the dude nailed his nuts to his
leg. Then he looked like floyd mayweather jr in the zab judah fight