More knowledge Ryron/Rener or Danaher?

Who has more knowledge of Jiu Jitsu Ryron and Rener sons of a Grandmaster, grandsons of a founder, nephews of Rickson or Danaher with his incredible innovations, student of Renzo? Danaher has had incredible success with his students in competition but is it because of him or is it his students are just gifted physical specimens and Ryron/Rener could of taken them even further if that’s what the chose to focus on?

Danaher. Though they’re both full of themselves.

Gracie self defense jiu jitsu is a grift and marketing ploy and always was. Gracies were the aggressors. They weren’t ever in positions to “defend” themselves.


There’s no question here. Anyone who has ever trained with Danaher has sung his praises. Even with the B team split, none of them speak poorly of him nor his technical/tactical expertise.

Coach of arguably the greatest MMA fighter (GSP) and nogi Grappler (Gordon) of all time. In other grappling disciplines, Meregali who started training with Danaher recently said, “It is an honor for me to be able to represent this human being who is the most brilliant mind of all time in our sport.”

Or Satoshi Ishii (judo gold medalist) also said recently after training with Danaher/Gordon, “I’m very honored to be able to train with greatest grappler and best sensei.”


I have alot of Danahers instructionals, they honestly put me to sleep. All the criticism about the gracies aside. The Gracie Combatives are an incredible teaching tool.


So this Gordon guy is better than that tall Gracie?

Roger would crush him in the gi. Gordon would take him no gi these days.

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Ditto, Danaher is a genius but those instructional are so long winded and boring.

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The boys are essentially “classicists”; they have a deeply ingrained knowledge of the art, which was spoon fed to them from birth. They have probably mastered the formal art about as much as one realistically can.

Danaher I think has proven perhaps to have the better mind for jiu jitsu; more innovative and more deeply analytical of the art.

Danaher has and will continue to produce much higher level BJJ students, because the boys can’t gift what they have as easily to others as Danaher can. The classical Gracie way to mastery is countless hours of BJJ from birth, while Danaher’s approach is more direct & efficient. Danaher is the better pure coach; he can do more with a student in less training time.


A whole bunch of amateurs in here talking about Danaher.

The pros are learning from Rener and Gracie Combatives.


Solid assessment

Im not so sure of Gordon taking Roger no- gi…Roger has a control of weight and pressure that I have never felt before…his control is unreal …just sayin…


Danaher is a true reflection of most BJJ nerds. He probably can’t fight a lick but trains fighters.

I’m thinking Ryron/Rener are better plus less boring when they teach.

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Danaher could fight back in the day. Probably still could fuck up many people in a street fight. He’s old and decrepit now.

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Im piggy backing off of shen since he wrote a lot of what i wanted to say. The super gracie bros probably have a way more deeper strictly classical bjj knowledge base

Danaher will have the modern knowledge and the big distinguishing factor is his coaching knowledge. The super gracie brothers are phenomenal teachers and instructora. Danaher is a phenomenal coach. Very different mindsets there and how you diseminate material to your audience. Bros make it accessible. Danaher will make your game superior for performance and results purposes

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Papayas and cheese

I see a lot of criticism about Danaher’s instructionals being too long winded. Have you seen a block of instruction from Ryron and Rener at Gracie University? They spend 45 minutes on a single technique.


True, but to me that’s my way. A very long time ago, one of my first instructors told me you dont have to learn everything, but focus on and master afew then make them work a million different ways. Mr. Danahers a great teacher but his method of slow and quiet speaking makes me sleepy.

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Between the two, Danaher first took the systematic approach to their instruction. Rener and Ryron then followed suit

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Danaher seems to having a bigger impact in changing jj in the past 5-10 years. His teaching seems like a science.

With that said, that doesn’t prove better knowledge.

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Rener and ryron have been doing it since 04 or so