More LeBron vs Jordan stats

I don’t know that Lebron would have “folded” in terms of production.

IMO Lebron would be a force in any era.

But i agree that teams like the late 80’s Pistons and late 90’s Bulls, would have frustrated him and beat him both physically and mentally.

A guy like Lebron will almost always get his numbers. History shows that.

But it’s within the ebb and flow of the game – in the momentum switches and key moments – where those teams and individual players would beat Lebron 8/10 times IMO.

I can picture Lebron vs the MJ/Pip/Rodman Bulls – putting up good statistical games.
But in the second half, I see Lebron on she sideline, hanging his head and displaying defeated body language during timeouts.
I see him with that slack-jawed look on his face on the court – blaming his teammates every time Chicago beats them on a fast break, or MJ pulls up a jumper.

I can see Lebron in the post-loss presser – saying his teammates need to do more, before sulking off like a bitch.

I can Pippen and Rodman trading off vs Lebron.
Each frustrating him in their own ways.
Pippen with his consistent speed and aggressiveness in transition, and fundamentally solid positioning.
Rodman with his trash talk/head games and physical play in the post.

Again… nobody is completely Shutting Lebron down.

But they wouldn’t have to.

The best of Lebron’s teams lose to The Bulls within 6… every time.

And most lose to The Pistons within 7.

Lebron has the body and athleticism of a big man who can play small.
Yet he has the instincts of a facilitator.

Lebron – due to physicality alone – presents matchup problems to almost anyone.
Yet deep down, he just isn’t a contact guy.
He is one of the all time great frontrunners, and from my observations he believes – deep down – that he should NOT be challenged.
Therefore, when he is challenged – especially physically – a part of him kind of shuts down.
Not always…
… but often enough to put him a notch behind the true KILLERS of basketball history.


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LeBron plays small? Cmon man. He’s a beast. Having guard skills doesn’t mean he’s soft.

Imagine this guy guarding LeBron…

Danny Ainge was a DOG on the basketball court…bad example idiot

I didn’t say he plays small.

I said he is a big man who CAN play small.

And I didn’t call him “soft”.

Lebron isn’t physically soft.

But he PREFERS not to play physical.
He prefers to dominate.
And when he doesn’t… he has a history of shutting down mentally.

Again… not every time.

But there are great players in NBA history, who when you hit them – they are obsessed with hitting you back harder.
Lebron is just as likely to start playing the perimeter and dishing or pull up jumper.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that.

And yes… Lebron is going to be physically dominant, more often than not, in any era.

But we aren’t talking about “most of the time”.

We are talking the big games against teamsknown for physical and mental toughness.

I saw Lebron shut down mentally vs The Spurs.
Great team… but not on the level of punishment and consistent pressure as the Pistons and Bulls.

I’m not doubting Lebron’s greatness.

I’m doubting his peak ability against other all-time great teams.

He has a seat at the table, no doubt.

But IMO, he is not at the head of the table – and there are a few guys I would argue are in front of him in that aspect.

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Danny Ainge would probably have beat Lebron ass.


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