More Legendary? Nog or Randy?

Who's more of a MMA Legend? Nog or Randy?

I say Nog, with his awesome comebacks and very respectable record.

I say NOG but I am a huge Nog fan, so I am VERY bias

CocoonOfHorror - Nog, hands down.

Nog. For sure.

Nog, and it's not even close.


randy has never really defended a belt at all. he just got thrown into tons of title bouts. nog actually defended his belt forever until he became almost invincible at the time. no comparison

Handy, just to be difficult

 Should be Nog, but modern day 'UFC-TUF' fans will say Randy for sure.

I was going to say randy because hes been champ in 2 weight classes but overall Nog has had better fights

Nog easy.

Nogiera is a legitimate great of the sport.

Couture is a manufactured myth.

Nog is the kind of fighter you look back on and go, "wow, did he really do that?"


In the world NOG in the US Randy


sparkuri -  i'd have to listen to Joe rogan's opinion first.
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA would be hard to say one is greater over another. I like Nog more and was more of a pride fan.


Nog, by far.

Randy's legacy is largely manufactured.