More on DC's mini-relaunch


Retailers at the Orlando retailer roadshow with DC Comics were told that the goal of the 24 new titles from the June mini-relaunch is to reach out to new readers. Meanwhile the other 25 continuing series will be aimed at longer time readers.

The June 2015 the branding will simply be DC Comics with no events, save for Darkseid War having one shot tie ins. June is about diversity, replenishing the ground, acknowledging that one size doesn’t fit all. New 52 had different genres, but it was felt all had the same flavour. Now books will have different tones, “a shared universe, not a single point of view”. DC Comics states they are now in a trench war, selling book by book, not a whole line together, closer to how the retailers they were talking to hand sell books.

The 8 page “snapshot” stories coming in May, we have previously reported on, are to be for new titles coming in both June and July, so they clearly have more to announce. They described the New 52 as largely a cosmetic change, but June will bring a change in substance for the books they publish.