More Owens stuff

I feel pretty confident to say Owens will be in Eagles green within a week.

The "deal" wreaks of a lot of wrong doing

1. While totally legal, what SF did was a travesty. Instead on waiting on the forthcoming Eagles counteroffer, they simply traded Owens. The Eagles were not aware of the Trade until a front office person watched it on Sportscenter.

2. Upshaw fucked something up. I am not sure of total specifics, but he said he faxed something to Owens agent. According to a source, they said all such things were supposed to be E-mailed. Upshaw is totally backtracking trying to cover his ass. TO and his agent are filing a grievence against the League. I look for the deal to be voided.

3. The way Owens publically spoke of this against the Ravens, the Ravens will save face and trade him to the Eagles to save face.

4. While TO will be getting a hefty payday from the league, the Eagles are closer to a Super Bowl than the Ravens, that is incentive enough.

My personal opinion is that Terry Donahue is a loss of life. He did all this to fuck Owens. How does a tool like Donahue become a GM????

Wait, you are pissed at the 49ers front office and not TO?

It was TO's agent that screwed up his free agency. In the case they are putting forth now they ever admit that he forget to file the paper work but they say that the 49ers "knew" he wanted to be a free agent and thus should accept it at that. This is flawed logic in the first place. He screwed up by not doing the one thing he had to do to get out of his contract.

Then the Eagles made an offer to the 49ers that sucked. The 49ers sent the Eagles a list of players they would accept with a 5th round pick. The Eagles told them they would not deal any of those players. The 49ers then told the Eagles they had an offer of a 2nd round pick from another team and the Eagles would hae to act fast. The 49ers then did not hear from the Eagles for 5 hours and thus pulled the trigger with the Ravens. The Eagles claimed they were negotiating a contract with TO (which is true) and thus did ot have time to respond. Word is that the Eagles actually did not believe there was a second team offering the 2nd round pick and were playing hardball. When the trade went through they were shocked, and pissed that they screwed up. Deal with it.

This would all be a non-issue had Terrell Owens not acted like an arrogant ass for eight years and run himself out of San Francisco.

The Niners did nothing wrong. They got a suitable offer, and took it. Philly had their chance and blew it, and are better off for it, IMO.

Junk, you are the only one buying into TO"s conspiracy theory..

You should be blaming the Eagles front office for offering a shitty deal..

T.O. on the other hand, should fire his agent.

Donahue took the best deal available and there wasn't many teams in the market for a uncoachable player...

Everybody on this thread except for Junk is correct

Owens is a whiner...he bitches about everything, he wants out of SF...and he doesnt file the paperwork...then in the midst of his trade he works a deal out with a team before he gets sent there...gets traded somewhere else and bitches about it

the eagles offered shit, ravens offered more...why should SF be required to wait for a counteroffer when they obviously were holding all the cards

fuck TO

"the Eagles are closer to a Super Bowl than the Ravens, that is incentive enough."

I disagree.

owens is about himself first, title second

if he really cared that much about winning, he would be training and working out...

and being out for oneself is cool, but dont try to paint him as a guy who just wants to go to a team cause they were close to winning a title, he wanted the $$

Owens on the Ravens would be scary. As a Chiefs fan, I'm glad Ownens will be going to an NFC team.