More Proof Anderson Used Peds (UFC Cribs)

Clip from UFC Cribs, the obviouse one was the needles..but check out the other stuff too.




Google Search Testosterone Gel..First Image. 



Not sure about the other stuff but I doubt he has it for his kids...





Google....steriod dropper




Yeah, we get it. Phone Post 3.0

edit - I see what you did there OP well done

Nice good find Phone Post 3.0

Op is Jake Shields Phone Post 3.0

Proof also. He tested dirty twice.... Phone Post 3.0

Steroid dropper. Lol.

You realize people can use those dropper bottles for any liquid they want, right? I use some at work for lens cleaning solvents.

Why didn't you bump the original thread? Phone Post 3.0

Nah, no way those could be for anything else. Those containers have only one use. I guess if he has an empty plastic bag, he's a serial killer too? Phone Post 3.0

Boom Phone Post 3.0

How old was this though? makes me curious... I think these were at least couple of years old or so?

I thought the UFC cribs was in 09 Phone Post 3.0

This is some Jake Shields-level detective shit, great work. 

Anderson Silva's Closet, SyringeGate!!!

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original thread.  amazing find.

Oh look, another thread on his shelf products Phone Post 3.0

In other news, we landed a man on the moon Phone Post 3.0

Who even cares anymore..

3rd pic down reveals an Adam West-style Batman suit. Very troubling from a self-proclaimed Spider-Man fan like Silva. Phone Post 3.0

Thank Allah we only bring up old shit around here!! Phone Post 3.0