More proof ufc purchased pride.

oh you sneeky bastard......I get to get back to work.

LOL! Well its a first time for everything I guess! Visiting one of those web sites.



Damn he didn't even try to mask it and he still got it by me... I just woke up, fuck off! :D one

Wow, what a worthless fucking post!

Shit, I fell for it. Network administrator gonna be on my ass now. Thanks, dick.

^ Literally? Don't ask don't tell?


The UFC did purchase Pride. I saw the receipt on Zuffa's desk.

banned for life! Only a queer would do that to a bunch of fighters!

you need to die

I was thinking about doing the same thing.  you beat me to it

I can't believe I just fell for that one.....

best thread ever? i think so

wim not clinking on it but what does it take u to?