More student loan debt forgiveness bs

I suspect you might be right.

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I’m a student in college now. I see the insane amounts of money kids take on at a private university. It’s fucking insane at least these kids are all in STEM degree fields but they think right out of college they’ll make 6 figures as an engineer with no experience they’re not looking at reality. I can’t imagine the kids getting degrees in a humanities field.

A friend is an aerospace engineer starting a graduate program with nearly $120k in debt already. He has two more years of school! Under grad is over $40k just in tuition and fees.

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You can definitely attend a junior college for a couple grand for 2 years and then transfer to a state school and finish everything easily for $20k. At the end of the day all that they see is a degree from whatever state school you go to. But these kids are brainwashed to believe that’s beneath them.

Add in all the unclaimed scholarships, pell grants, and a part time job, and attending school close to home saving on housing it’s easy to graduate from a great school with a marketable degree with little to no debt for most kids in this country. It’s about choices.


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I wish I got money for paying my bills.

My daughter is smart and gets good grades. Her half brother gets paid to get an A on a quiz. I told her that is the way of the world, losers get the grease and hard working people make their own way

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It was kind of you to take his dad’s refuse. I guess what they say is true: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I tried but the mom wanted to coddle him so I dug out. Kid is growing up like I warned

And he’s exactly the kind of person these programs harm.

Student debt forgiveness hurts everyone but I’m not sure how you motivate the next generation to pursue anything remotely rigorous if they have to carry the burden of their financial decisions if they have to pay for everyone else’s as well.

This is all by design.

I wasn’t talking about the step child

So you didn’t have a check just show up in the mail like everyone else? You think I signed up for it? I didn’t. It just showed up. But you knew that.

You’re saying yours showed up and you sent it back? Explain how you did that.

For the record, I thought giving away all that money was stupid as hell in that It was a badly implemented compounding of the error of lock down / business closings.

But I’m also not going to pretend like I marched down to Washington DC and fought the beauracracy to return the $1200 ($900? What was it?) I didn’t ask for like Stan Marsh trying to return Randy’s margarita machine.

Again, everyone else also did not do the above and return theirs. Also again, lies do not become us.

Everyone who returned theirs must have a receipt of some kind. Let’s see them. Or let’s see the undeposited check.

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As far as I read.

Yes and you can still go to a top school… But do it for grad school after you’ve worked for 5 years and saved up some money. Less years means less tuition… even better convince your employer to pay for it… This happens all the time.

Nope no check showed up. Made way over the cap. Did you not realize that it was only for certain people?

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Keep being poor, pedo boy.

Sure thing ArtifiicalPedo :rofl:

It was easy to miss the cut. If you had a good job you missed it. If you had a decent job and investment property rented out you probably missed it.

I think someone may have mentioned it in this thread but why not some sort of mandatory public service for a few years in order to have one’s student loan debt (or part of it) forgiven?

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It’s 10 years of on time payments while working for a non-profit/government agency while on an income based repayment plan. I have 1 year left.

Plenty of people did not receive checks.