More superfights on big cards?

We all know how popular the Penn vs Hughes/GSP fights were. Wanderlei, Sakuraba, Minowa, Hendo, Vovchanchyn all fought up in weight in Pride. We saw what Coutore did at heavyweight.

Recently the UFC made the Silva-Diaz and Faber-Edgar superfights.

A athletic and highly skilled heavyweight weighing 225 has often defeated a 255 heavyweight who is less technical and athletic. The fights are very viewer friendly.

Why not let guys like Mighty Mouse, Benavidez, Cruz, Aldo, Pettis, Barao etc get to challenge themselves against larger fighters?

Heavyweights are not the only athletes who can beat larger opponents. They are however the only athletes that are given an opportunity to fight larger guys.

Fedor,Nog,Coutore,Penn,Sakuraba,Royce,Renzo,Minowa,Hendo,Anderson etc... are all legends and part of their legacy was built by them defeating larger guys.

Maybe fans need to see Johnson or Aldo defeat larger athletes than themselves to give them some of the mystique athletes like Randy, Hendo, Fedor and Penn enjoy to this day.

Ok here is a superfight for ya...

Cain vs Rumble at heavyweight.

Rumble beat Arlovski at heavy and looked like a monster.

I know guys can't fight each other coming off title fight losses in different weight classes but you know it would be a awesome, brutal, violent fight.