More than coincidence

I have experienced many things in my life that force me to believe that there is, for lack of a better term, a "higher power". Here are two instances that stand out:

in 1991 a close friend of mine was killed in a car accident. He was in a car traveling at an estimated 80+ MPH when it hit a huge palm tree. The impact was so intense that the lugnuts shot off of the wheels and into a house. It left about an 8 inch crater in the tree. In the next few days, before the funeral, people began placing flowers and such at the foot of the tree, in remembrance.

About 3 days after the incident, my younger brother and I were sitting at home, when we decided to go look at the tree again. When we got there, we ran into a few people who we knew. We talked for a while, when my older brother and his girlfriend showed up. A few minutes later, my friends parents showed up. Then more of his friends. More and more people continued to arrive, unaware that people were already there. Some of the people we hadn't seen in years. In the end, there must have been nearly 50 people there.

The weird thing is, no one called anyone, no one advised anyone to show up at that time. We just suddenly all got the notion to go there.

Another incident occured when I was driving a 50 mile drive home, here in Oregon. On the way home, I started thinking about the old Beatles song "in my life". I hadn't heard the song in years before that. When I got home, my brother, Satan Jr (who shares his own beliefs that I really can't get into) called me long distance from CA. The first thing he said to me was this "Do you remember this song?" Then held the phone to his stereo speaker, which was playing "In my life".

There have been several other things of this nature happen to me, and I'm sure many of you have similar experiences that I'd really enjoy hearing about.

So how can you explain this? Coincidence? I really have a hard time with that. I mean, of all of the days in my life, and all of the millions of songs I've heard, I happened to be thinking, out of the blue, of the same song my brother, 1000 miles away, was listening to?

I don't think anyone has a solid explination for these things. It may be some sort of "spiritual" connection. It may be that human beings have some sort of sense that we can use to pick up on things. Maybe things that are around us all of the time, but can't be measured by any device. Who knows.

Anyway, I'd like to know your thoughts on this.

Nothing by chance.

Telepathy works.

I think your right. People are interconnected spiritually with each other, and from time to time your spirit will know something is happening, make your mind aware of it, and whomever else your sharing that with. Thats why you see manifestations like these I think, 2 spirits get excited about something, and decied that both peoples minds should be aware of it.

I'm gonna go with coincidence. Humans are pattern seeking animals - it's a survival mechanism from 100,000 years ago.

Do you remember all the times you brother had a different song in his head than you?

Of course not.


That could very likely be, and it was the only time something like this had happened. I just find it strange that out of all of the minutes of all of the days of my life, I began thinking of that particular song, out of all of the songs I'd ever heard, and at the same time, 1000 miles away, the same song was going through my brothers head.

Also, if these things are coincidental, how do you explain the many documented cases of twins who are separated at an early age and grow up to live very similar lives (occupations, relationships, etc.) while never knowing each other?

With the twins: Genetic predisposition to do certain things.

With everything else: All there is is Consciousness. It connects us all.


Joshua, how do you think spirit and mind link together?

I'm puzzling with this right now.

Is there anything outside of the Mind?


I don´t know how genetic would explain the wifes of the separated twins had the same name...


Do you really believe that it can be in your genes to be a firefighter and marry a girl named Deborah?

The same song in your mind and on your brother's is easily a coincidence.

As far as everyone meeting at that tree, it is perfectly normal for friends and family of a loved one to visit a site like that.

What are you implying by the post, anyways?

Here's a cool coincidence story for you.

Three guys are musicians and play in a band together. After some gigs and some very minor success the band breaks up. Everyone goes their seperate ways.

Some years later (like 10 years I think) the three meet up again. Two of the band members used to be clean shaven, but in their time apart, both decided to grow out obnoxiously long beards. Im talking about a giant 16 inch long beard. They didnt plan it, they didnt talk to each other, they both just grew the beards out.

When they saw each other again, they noticed that both got the same idea to grow out crazy beards. The third band member did not grow out a beard, but ironically, his name was Frank BEARD.

So when the trio met they noticed that two of them grew beards, and Beards did not. They got back together and are enjoying stardom and success to this very day as the band you all know, ZZ Top.


I was trying to point out the fact that a lot of unexplainable things happen every day that science has no explination for.

And yeah, I know people would commonly show up to a place that a loved one died to grieve, but a lot of these people had moved away and came back for the funeral, some I hadn't seen in years. If they had shown up even 20 minutes earlier or later, they would have been standing alone.

And the song, there are 1440 minutes a day, times 365 days a year, times 24 years, and at that point in my life I had probably heard more than 200,000 songs, it just seems strange. It may have been a coincidence, but the odds are vastly against both of us thinking of the exact same song at the exact same moment when we're 1000 miles from each other.

Im surprised that more people don't have similar stories to share.

I have one that happenned just this weekend. But in fact it started at the beginning of the year.

I´ve been training at this dojo since November 2001. There is this blue belt training there, one of my favourite partners to roll with. In March, I guess, he told me his mother began to study at the same University I am. Few days later, I was chatting with colleagues at the hall, when she introduced herself to me, as the mother of my teammate.

Well, this weekend, my younger brother received his MBA degree, and I went to the ceremony. When I arrived there, seating at the same row, side by side, my mother and my friend´s mother! I was surprised for a while. I seated between them, and asked my friend (we are now studying in the same class), what was she doing there. She answered that her husband was the paranynph of the class. That is, my brother was studying with my teammate´s father for almost one year!

Don´t ask me the reasons why. To believe that nothing is by chance does not mean that I know all the hidden reasons. ;-)

Do you really believe that it can be in your genes to be a firefighter and marry a girl named Deborah?I think you can be genetically predisposed to have a certain job (that's why some people dream of becoming firefighters and some don't). Maybe there's some kind of weird fetish with the name Deborah, who knows? Would it be rational to use either of these examples to prove the existence of an Ultimate Being or Parallel Universe? Just askin...SCRAP

"Is there anything outside of the Mind? "

I don't know, I've been reading Christian views from both sides....

I was reading a book by a Canon somewhere who was talking about artificial intelligence and that the "mind and spirit" was physical, so it was a potential reality that robots could eventually have meaningful relationship's with God. An awful lot of the book was above my head, but I curious as to how he thinks we have any sort of free will if EVERYTHING is neurochemical?

Myself, I kind of believe there are two sorts of "stuff", physical and spiritual. Whereas hundreds of years ago many people would have believed that all "thought" was spiritual, that's obviously no longer a valid hypothesis. I have recently been thinking that only our concious mind is in any sense spiritual in that it can make autonomous choices between several things that our non concious brain may suggest to us. Maybe this spirit consists of simply of two things, the desire to worship self (pride) and the desire to lose your pride.

But, at the end of the day, even if I can't work it out - I believe God's word and he says we have free will, so....we do. Whether at this second I can work out how is largely irrelevant.

1. Scrapper asked "is there anything outside the mind"

I don't think the mind exists. The "mind" is conceptualization of what happens in our complex brains. To answer your question, yes - everything is outside the mind (like trees, walls, roads etc)

2. "I was trying to point out the fact that a lot of unexplainable things happen every day that science has no explination for."

Just because YOU don't understand the scientific explanation doesn't mean the scientific explanation isn't there.

And the twins thing is a COINCIDENCE. How many twins separated at birth don't have wives with the same name?

Think of all the times you've had a song in your head and your brother didn't call you thinking about the same song - probably 100,000 times?

You chose not to remember those times because your brain has been designed to look for patterns. If something fits the pattern, it is given importance and significance - if not, it is discarded.

Joshua, how do you think spirit and mind link together?
I'm puzzling with this right now.

So am I....tell me what you think about it. I think that the human mind is controlled by the spirit and in a sense contained within the spirit. When you die, everything that you are is not left in the shell of you. Your mind does not cease to exist when your body does. So your mind and your spirit are related. But I dont think they are the same thing. However, they must be realted. I guess it depends on what happens when we die and what that transformation does to us. The mind contains the urges to rebel, it contains the urges to oppress, it contains the urges to murder, and I think all human beings have these in thier mind, at the most base level. Obviously God wants none of this business in his children, so he must do something to take it away. But while we are here, we still have those desires and so that makes me think they are related to the mind.

What a mess eh?

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End of story.


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"into his colossal Super-Cray computer, occupying 200 square feet of his underground lab."

Cray's are pocket pc has more horsepower than one of those...

Should have read:

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