More than coincidence

gotproblems, thats the thing though.

Neither of those things you described are "unexplainable".

Both are very logical and normal and happen to lots of people. Especially the song thing.

Others have already pointed out, how many times was your brother NOT thinking about the same song? 10s of thousands probably. So the chances of you two thinking of the same song (you are brothers so you were raised together I assume so your tastes in music are somewhat similar, again I assume) arent really that small. Eventually its going to happen, its going to happen that you are thinking of the same song.

I bet you have both thought of the same exact song at the same time before that too. Just neither one of you said "Brother, I was thinking about that one Tina Turner song. . ."

Oh, and dont forget that songs are very common things.

I am willing to bet that there is a lot of people on earth right now thinking of the same exact song. How many teenage girls are thinking of a Justin Timberlake song RIGHT NOW? Thousands?

Im still not sure what you are trying to say with this thread. Are you saying that since "rare" coincidences happen, this is somehow spiritual or indicates the presence of spirits?

It is not the fact that human beings walk, eat, play, and bond in social groups that define a proper human act, because animals do all of these things too. In stead, a proper human act is an act that finds its cause in the human mind. It is a self-determined act that seeks the good as known by the intellect. This type of act cannot be done by an animal, because it lacks an intellectual mind. The behavior of an animal is fixed by nature and instinct. Although an animal has a will, its will is not subject to a rational mind. Hence, its nature guides its will, and it is not free in its choice.

We don't have free will.

Dolphins are smarter than we are.