More TKO money issues (from UG)

This seems to be a reoccuring theme.

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"From: Jason Reinhardt

Date: 01/04/05 01:14 AM

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to UFC veteran LaVerne Clark! $1000 to be exact. Also to Jason black
as well! Let's black ball this guy from our sport. he's a piece of shit"


I'm confused by all this.

Someone came on last time and said the the QAC holds the money and
gives it to the fighters directly. Was that incorrect, or are these extra
funds that the fighters were promised?

They hold and pay a percentage. There's usually other 'bonus' fees (i forget what they're called, training, transport, whatever) that the promoter pays directly to the fighter/and/or/management.

The scary thing is, when promoters are also managers, what happens when they owe money as a promoter to a fighter they manage? How would that be fairly handled?

Thanks for the response rene.r.

And your question is a good one.

How does TKO owe Laverne money when he has never fought for the promotion?

that's my question, why does steph owe laverne clark money?

wow Happy New Year from Stephanie Poultry.

"hey guys, the world is wrong..I am right. Sorry you will not get your money...I just spent it in Florida on my whore of the week."

And people keep fighting for this guy? Now I dont want to hear "well TKO is the only gig".

ANY fighters who need fights...get ahold of Alex C, Bill Mahood, Jason Townes, Joe F, Greg Allen, Jason St. Louis and the other solid promoters out there. All of the above would be glad to keep MMA athletes busy in a safe and trust worthy environment.

Is 2005 the year for MMA to break through? Peel the scab and let it heal...


"that's my question, why does steph owe laverne clark money?"

Well any good manager would negotiate with he promoter that they would get sometype of $$$ even if they fight or not. Aristeia negotiated with APEX that even if Ivan's opponent dropped out or couldn't find a replacement that he would be rewarded($$$) for his training/time. Maybe Monte Cox did this.

Yes, the QAC keeps purse money, but often there's more to it
than just purse money.