More TN Lies About Covid! Inflated Cases By 14K!

This is happening all over.

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That's my state, and we trust these people to verify mail in ballots.

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It’s all fake for the purposes of keeping the economy shut down and voters miserable. It’s an attempt to kill the economic numbers in hopes it leads to a Biden victory. If you are currently in a city or state that is locked down, that’s the real reason why. It has nothing to do with “cases” or “testing” it has everything to do with the upcoming election and inflicting damage on the President.

How much clearer can it get. There are dozens of stories just like this…Florida only entered in “positive results” for weeks, leading to the “largest surge in the country.” Oh, it was an accident. Right as the NFL was fighting to re-open and play football, 88 of 88 players tested positive. On the retest, they were all negative. So they were hit with 100% false positives in that group…Oh, it was a lab error.

People all over the country have called to schedule a COVID test, only to get a letter in the mail a few days later telling them they were POSITIVE, despite the fact their doctor’s appointment didn’t happen yet!



And this apparently

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And this apparently

I haven't read the article yet but this guy is usually pretty good at giving an over view

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The whole thing is a fucking joke used for power gain

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