More UFC talk on Maxboxing

From Michael J Woods: "Hey Don, Bob, Gary, Lou, Ross, Mark, Kery, Jay et al. Please take note of this: Spike TV's broadcast of The Ultimate Fighter on Monday night scored 2.1 million viewers. That number is up 38% from the first installment of the reality show. Guys, don't take it for granted that boxing will continue to at least hold steady in popularity amongst the viewing public. Elements of the UFC, as have been outlined previously by several Max columnists, blow the Savage Science away. The lack of mismatches, the modern day gladiator mentality of the participants, the adherence to rigid standards of excellence on the part of the premier mixed martial arts organization (UFC), the obvious desire to please the audience with compelling, action-oozing get the point. You guys can learn from what those Vegas cats are doing as they build a brand that is siphoning your audience on a daily basis. You better learn."