More UFO/UAP photos circulating

The original are higher quality


I don’t even care about pictures anymore. People can easily produce these.


potato GIF by General Electric

This was already proven to be a photoshop

They could’ve faked one or two of them. No way the faked 12 photos

Photoshopped I’m hearing.

Slice of Blueberry pie.

When does sea world get one?

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When are the Japanese going to eat it?

Looks like a hologram to me.

I could take that thing out with one of my Garands, why is everyone so scared?

Sadly these are photoshopped

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That’s cake bro

Wow didn’t know that. I figured they were bullshit. Anything that comes from Reddit I don’t trust

How were they proven to be photoshop? I have no doubt they are, but would like to send the proof to the person that sent me these

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