More ugly canadian hockey

I am sick of the continual piss-poor display of sportsmanship shown by the Canadians, both players and fans. You've gone and dirtied yet another hockey event.

The display of thuggery and childish antics displayed by Pogge and the Canadians during the Spengler Cup was disgusting. Again, the Canadians are trying to make a great sport into a thuggish brawl.

This, on top of Downie's ugly butt-ending penalty at the end of the game in the WJHC, can only be described as a horrible black eye on the great game of hockey.

I am waiting for Canada to clean up its act.


Wow you really were bitter about the whole Jack Johnson elbow from last year's WJHC eh? Amazing.

Pathetic troll.imo

thats the way the game is played, you don't like it don't watch it.... tennis might be more to your liking

I am only interested in watching a game with a proper display of sportsmanship. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of that from the Canadians lately.


but we love childish thuggery :)

Hey wanna go halfers on a hotel room trashing?



I am concerned with the quality of international hockey. Please stop trying to change the subject.


If you're so concerned about the quality of international hockey, start sending some better teams.

The Canadians should be concerned about the quality and the character of their teams. The most recent teams AND FANS have been a gross embarrassment to hockey and the fine country of Canada.


We can't be expected to live up to the standard set by our American counterparts. lol

Unrealistic. imo

"I love childish thuggery, who wants to go halfers on a hotel room trashing?" - Steve Yzerman (retired)

Have fun watching the Americans play for the bronze medal this year.

lol Hockey Dufferin County Style

Holy shit, are you still trolling Canadians Mark1? Its been like 4 years now man. Grow the fuck up!

The only time ugly and Canadian hockey go together is if M Ricci and T Hunter are involved.

couldn't get spengler coverage so i can't comment on it.