More Weight classes Please!!!!

Now more than ever there is a need for additional weight classes in the UFC. With Affliction no longer putting together fight cards there are a lot ofe "good" fighters without a place to showcase their skills or they fight in divisons that are already stacked with contenders.

It was not that long ago when there was no 155lb weight class in the UFC. Now we have a lightweight match as the headline event in a few weeks. I know a lot of it is due to how popular or hated BJ penn is. But if in less than 3 years of brining back the weight division you can have the division title fight being the headline event, it bodes well for other weight classes (not yet created) being able to do the same thing.

Also if done right you could have a tournament style event for the 160lb belt or the 190lb belt played out on Spike TV every month. A new champ could be crowned at the end of a TUF final. Fans would be invested not just in the TUF final result but the tournament. Ratings shold be very good and give the belt some good publicity and heat.

There are a few guys that are definitely stuck between classes but they don't need to water down their talent pools any further by breaking up the current weight classes. I would love it if they made room for the 145 and 135 classes, those guys deserve more exposure and $.

For the love of God, NO!!!!


I wouldn't mind the UFC adding 145 and 135, but for the most part there is barely enough talent for the classes they have. GSP and Silva have already almost run out of competition at their weight classes, and the HW class is wafer thin as is. Let the sport grow for about 3-5 more years, then there will be a real need for more weight classes. I am generally of the notion that is is better to add weight classes late, when they are absolutely needed, than early, before there is enough talent to fill them.

125, 135, 145, and above 265

 This thread comes up every two days and no one EVER gives some examples of fighters who need extra weight classes. At best they say "waaah, Brock is too big, we need a way for Randy to win a title again".

"125, 135, 145, and above 265"

Yes, yes, yes and no. This is just my opinion of course but the above 265 division would be really, really thin and none of them are really elite.

under 150

150 to 200

200 and above

i would like to see a 195lb class and 177lb class added