More weirdness from Sean Strickland!


If you’ve ever work’d on a construction, etc - that’s nothing. Could be even worst.


He just needed to stir his coffee


That looks like the inside of a house to me, not a construction site.

Very tame behavior actually this time from strickland which is rare. Not sure if worthy of a thread compared to the other craziness he posts/talks about. THink strickland is going to end up doing something fucked up ie. murder/suicide or something to that effect. HOpe Im wrong, but the dude sure talks about it enough. Then again, in the road rage fight video, hes asking the guy if he had weapons, so hes not completely reckless and does value his life somewhat.

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I always say this. Once he retired or maybe even before he will catch a body. End up in jail and join the Aryan Brotherhood.