More WWH previews


Think he's gonna kill Blackbolt?

They better have a good explination for Blackbolt not blasting him and that whole space ship to bits.

looks like he throws reed and strange in to the sun.... Strange is gonna save them... what's with the blue sparks coming out of blackbolts head?

Blue sparks came out of Blackbolt's head when Thor beat him too.

He's probably gonna kill Black Bolt :(


lol @ the surprise of hulk coming back as King of an army of pissed off gladiators

hate the art.

I normally like JRjr, that's not his best work.

She Hulk goes from hot to not in the space of one page.

That's not JRjr's work. The first sequence looks like Lee Weeks. The second part looks kind of like Gary Frank.

Ah, it's from the main Hulk book?

Looks like a dream sequence to me.

They will have to power-up or Juggernaut, or pray for the return of Thor, just to have a chance in this series. Even that may not be enough.

As a Hulk fan, I am really looking forward to this. It's about time he got to cut loose on these hypocrites.

The art struggles minus the Gary Frank stuff, and Hulk should ditch some of that costume.

Other than that I can't wait to see Hulk come back and wreck people.

once again there is no sound in space so how could black bolts power work?!

i'm guessing the thrashing of the illuminati = dream sequence

Black Bolts scream is not sonic.

It's a kind of energy power that a better Geek than I would have to explain.

Plus the area of the moon where the Inhumans lived has oxygen.

I see the infinity gauntlet being used at the end of this to stop the hulk.

Yeah, either that or Thor or Juggernaut are going to have to get into the mix.

I see Hulk finding out the Miek and the Brood messed with the ship, and it wasn't the Illuminati's fault. IMHO.